The 2018 Pontins RedDragon Welsh Open is here



Results: Mens Singles - Ladies Singles - Boys Singles - Girls Singles - Mens Pairs - Ladies Pairs - Mixed Pairs

Start Times

Friday Mens and Ladies Pairs: Registration from 5pm Start 6:15pm
Saturday Boys and Girls Singles: Registration 3:30pm Start 4pm
Saturday Mixed Pairs: Registration From 5pm Start 6:15pm
Sunday Mens Singles: Registration 8am to 9am Start 9:20am
Sunday Ladies Singles: Registration 12pm to 2pm start 3:00pm

Live Stream: Welsh Open 2018 Finals Schedule and Live Stream

Alpha Lists: Mens Singles - Ladies Singles - Youth Singles - Mens Pairs - Ladies Pairs - Mixed Pairs

Seeds: Mens Seeds - Ladies Seeds

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Winmau 2017 Wales Playoffs

Steve Ritchie, Andrew Ashcroft, John Davey and Chris Harris have all qualified for the Winmau World Masters later this year in Bridlington. Kaye Hales and Gaynor Williams will  also join them in Bridlington for the Ladies Winmau World Master.

Full Results

Winmau 2017 Wales Qualifiers Men

Winmau 2017 Wales Qualifiers Ladies